Freesbe workers unionize with Histadrut to negotiate improved employment conditions

Mar 14, 2023

In a move aimed at ensuring job security and improved employment conditions, employees of Freesbe, a subsidiary of Carso Group that offers comprehensive automotive services in Israel, have formed a union with the Histadrut Workers Union Division. The unionization process was initiated by the employees to guarantee their rights in the face of societal changes and improve their working conditions.

Following the signing of membership forms by hundreds of Freesbe employees, the Director General of the Histadrut Workers Union Division, Amichai Satinger, sent a notice of representation to the company’s management, signaling the start of negotiations for a collective agreement on employment conditions.

Limor Seglovitz, the chairwoman of the action committee of the Freesbe workers, expressed excitement and fear as hundreds of workers joined the union, declaring that “the time has come for a proper wage increase, sick pay from the first day, to regulate the premiums for garage workers, to regulate the on-call hours for drivers, and a larger welfare budget.” Seglovitz called on the management to partner with the employees, stating that it was time for Freesbee to have a workers’ committee like any organized workplace.

Carso Group launched the Freesbe brand in January 2023 to provide an innovative solution to the Israeli automotive market, offering a one-stop-shop for all automotive services. The unionization of Freesbe employees is a significant development in the Israeli labor market, as workers continue to seek greater job security and improved working conditions.

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