Construction workers in Israel represented at BWI Congress

Oct 13, 2022

The Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) held its 5th World Congress to decide its goals, priorities, and actions for the 2022-2026 Congress period. The Congress elected its leadership, including the World Council, the World Board, the President and Deputy Presidents, the General Secretary, and the Auditors.

BWI’s unveiled the global union’s Strategic Plan for the next five years.
Anchored on BWI’s five strategic areas of work: 1) fighting for climate justice; 2) building trade unions; 3) ensuring safe and healthy workers; 4) globalizing workers’ rights; and 5) fair future of work.

The new strategic plan aims to build on BWI’s major victories and gains in the last five years and serve as a fundamental guide for trade union affiliates to navigate the sea of crises that continue to plague the world of work. It also seeks to improve the working and living conditions of affiliates in the building and wood sectors by promoting and defending human and trade union rights, increasing trade union strength, pushing for a stable and high level of employment in our sectors, and influencing policies and strengthening the capacity of institutions and tripartite structures in relevant sectors.

Represented by Yitzhak Moyal, Chairman of the Histadrut Construction and Associated Industries Union in Israel, and Avital Shapira, Director of International Relations of the Histadrut, the representatives reiterated the continued work to protect the rights of the Palestinian workers in construction and the struggle for peace. In addition, Shapira highlighted the Histadrut’s commitment to gender equality and women empowerment.

Yitzhak Moyal, Chairman of the Histadrut Construction and Associated Industries in Israel, was elected as a member of the World Council of BWI.

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