Increase in wages of up to 7% for Hotel Workers

Adi Marcus
Jul 08, 2023

The Histadrut and the Hotel Association in Israel have signed a new collective agreement that will provide a significant boost to the wages and benefits of hotel workers. Under the terms of the agreement, hotel workers will receive a gradual increase in wages of up to 7%. The increase will be implemented in two installments, with the first installment taking effect in July 2023 and the second installment taking effect in July 2024. It will benefit approximately 23,000 employees in the industry.

The agreement, which was reached after months of negotiations, will go into effect retroactively from April 2023 and will be in effect until May 2026. In addition to the wage increase, the agreement also includes a number of other benefits for hotel workers, including an increase in seniority supplements, payment for cancelled shifts (if cancellation was made in the 16 hours prior shift commencement). Social conditions will also improve, with more paid leave days and sick leave.

The new agreement is a major victory for hotel workers, who have been struggling to make ends meet in recent years. The agreement will help to improve the wages and working conditions of hotel workers, and it is a positive sign for the future of the hotel industry.

Arnon Bar-David, Chairman of the Histadrut welcomed the new agreement and said: “Thank you to all the partners who took part in the formation of the agreement. The Histadrut will continue its important mission of improving the employment conditions of the workers in all industries.”

Freddy Cohen, Chairman of the Hotel Workers’ Union: “This is a good agreement that we reached after difficult years in the industry. We were able to bring a significant increase to the wages of the employees, which will naturally help in stabilizing the industry.”

Yoav Bacher, Human Resources VP at the Hotel Association: “The new agreement expresses the good working relations in the hotel industry. It takes care of benefits for employees after returning from the Corona crisis and has the right balances that will help improve the image of employment in the industry, all this in the hope of continued growth and development of this industry.”

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