A Major Win for Wizo Daycare Center Managers in Groundbreaking Agreement

Adi Marcus
Jan 10, 2024

In a landmark move for the early childhood education sector, Wizo, a prominent Israeli women’s organization that activates daycare centers, has signed a groundbreaking agreement with its daycare center managers, securing significant improvements in wages, benefits, and career development opportunities.

The agreement that was signed last week is a game-changer for both union and management representatives. It boasts a comprehensive package of benefits for Wizo’s daycare center managers, who are the backbone of the organization’s success. Key points of the agreement include a substantial salary increase, with base salary rise to NIS 8,800 per month, along with professional experience and academic supplements of up to NIS 1,200. 

The new salary structures will also benefit from compensations for additional tasks. For example, managers of multi-purpose daycare centers who oversee more complex facilities, will receive an additional supplement of up to NIS 1,500. Additionally, global overtime compensation will be graded, according to the number of children in the daycare center.

Wizo’s investment in professional development is also taking shape in this agreement which includes commitment to annual conferences and training opportunities for managers, fostering continuous learning and growth.

On the day the agreement was signed, Gil Bar-Tel, chairman of UCAPSE, applauded the agreement, emphasizing it’s potential to attract and retain talent in the crucial early childhood education sector. A priority mission for UCAPSE.

This agreement undoubtedly marks a significant step forward in recognizing and valuing the essential role of daycare center managers in shaping the future of Israel’s children.

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