Collective bargaining agreement at Osem

Sep 18, 2022

Unprecedented news for more than a thousand workers at Osem. Histadrut Food and Pharmaceutical Workers Union and the company’s management reached an understanding that the company’s minimum wage will rise to NIS 6,000 a month starting in 2023. The understandings were reached at weekend negotiations with the direct involvement of Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David. Following the understanding, the Histadrut halted all organizational measures in the company.

Chairman of the Histadrut Arnon Bar-David: “Today we bring unprecedented news to Osem workers. The Histadrut, the workers’ committee, and the company’s management knew how to put the working person at the center; everyone benefited from this. I want to thank the management of Osem and CEO Avi Ben Assayag for their cooperation. I will work to raise the minimum wage to 6,000 shekels a month in all factories in Israel immediately. I call on all employing industrialists to cooperate to strengthen the working person in Israel and improve their wages.”

CEO of Esem Nestlé Avi Ben Assayag: “Osem Nestlé has always had before its eyes the welfare of the employees, who are the core of the organization and are at the top of the company’s priorities. In recent months, negotiations were conducted to form a new collective agreement for five years to formulate optimal conditions while thinking long-term in favor of the welfare of the employees and the company’s future. Despite the challenges that the food industry is facing these days, we chose to continue to lead this line, and I am proud to head a company that will ensure to give the workers the best agreement possible. I want to thank the Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David and the Food and Pharmaceutical Workers’ Union Eliezer Belo for their cooperation.”

Chairman of the Histadrut Food and Pharmaceutical Workers’ Union Eliezer Belo: “After persistent negotiations, we were able to bring good news to the workers whose base salary is close to the minimum wage in the economy. By the end of the agreement period, the minimum wage will reach NIS 6,400 per month.”

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