Increased Compensation Outline for Businesses Following the War Against Hamas

With joint forces and a dialogue that raised to the need of the hour, we reset the issue of the mass unpaid leave.


Histadrut Chairman Concerned Over the Government Response to Ongoing Crisis

There is room to expand the safety net also through the National Insurance Institute in places where the Treasury plan does not provide an answer


Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David calls for a national emergency government to form “as soon as possible” in the wake of the current crisis.

Bar-David urges the prime minister and opposition leaders to put aside their differences and work together to lead the country through this difficult time.


Labor Minister Signs Extension Orders to Increase Convalescence Allowance in the Private Sector and Compensate Workers Affected by 2022 Military Operation.

Approximately three million workers to benefit from hundreds of Shekels in increased convalescence allowance.


A New Dawn for Israel’s Early Educators: Over 55,000 Workers to Benefit from Historic Collective Agreement!

After lengthy negotiations, a reform in the salaries of kindergarten teachers' aids in the local authorities was signed today.


New Initiative that Supports Workers Who Parent Children with Disabilities to Develop into a Society-Wide Position Paper

"Every home that experiences this goes through an upheaval... the group eliminates embarrassment and shame."


Mediation efforts continue as Bar-David meets Lapid

Building Bridges: Histadrut Chairman Bar-David Vows to Leave No Stone Unturned in Search for Compromise


Histadrut and Business leaders submit a proposal to Prime Minister Netanyahu and opposition leaders aimed at reconciling differences, setting the stage for action if no agreement is reached.

As the nation stands at a pivotal juncture, Histadrut leaders hold marathon discussions, committing to act decisively in the interests of Israel's security and integrity


New Framework Agreement Ushers in Brighter Future for Israel’s Public Sector

Groundbreaking agreement addresses disparities in the public and private sectors, set to empower hundreds of thousands of workers.


The Chairman of the Histadrut to the Prime Minister: “Where are you taking the State of Israel? stop the chaos”

"I call on the Prime Minister: the ball is in your hand. Where are you taking the State of Israel? What is the legacy you ...Read more


Social workers declare a labor dispute after government announcement of privatization

Outsourcing suitability assesment for the treatment of violent men will harm the social service.


Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar David Concludes Historic Visit to United States

Vice President Harris to Bar-David: Thank you for what you are doing for Israel.


Judicial Upheaval Divides the Nation: Histadrut Chairman calls for a halt to protect Israeli society

Arnon Bar-David: Israel Faces Unprecedented Social Polarization and Threat to Zionist Enterprise


Arnon Bar-David refutes allegations of conspiracy, reaffirms commitment to serve Israeli society

Chairman denies false claims of coordinated strike with Israeli Prime Minister's Office


Netanyahu halts legislation following 10 hours of general strike, a show of unified power

Histadrut General Strike Ends as Prime Minister Netanyahu Chooses Unity


Employers and employees in Israel join forces in historic strike against controversial legislation.

Chairman of Histadrut calls on Prime Minister to stop Israel's descent into abyss.


Arnon Bar-David: Stop the legislation

Israel’s security and societal integrity above everything else.


Bar-David and Amitai unite in support of President Herzog’s plan to end Israel’s Turmoil

Rallying President Herzog's plan for end to social turmoil


Labor and Business Leaders Warn Against Inaction, Vow to Take Action if Reforms Not Addressed

Bar-David and Amitai called on all members of the Knesset, regardless of political affiliation, to put an end to the madness afflicting Israeli society


Arnon Bar-David: Nobody can legislate against the Histadrut today

Special address by Arnon Bar-David to Histadrut leadership following public sector framework agreement.


Arnon Bar-David to Smotrich: Use your weight and let us stop what’s happening today in the streets of Israel

"Only goodwill is required to sit in the room as we sat."


Histadrut and Government agree to a groundbreaking framework agreement for public service workers

Working with the government for the benefit of government and public service workers


Bar-David: I’ll use all my strength to prevent harm to pensioners

Pensioners must live in dignity, not poverty.


Annual labor conference concludes with call for dialogue, collaboration and innovation

Trade Unionists, Government and Business convene in Eilat for the future of labor in Israel


Arnon Bar-David to Netanyahu: Steer the ship

In a fiery statement calls on politicians on all side of the political spectrum to come together for the sake of Israel


Hagit Pe’er: A minority of women at the decision-making table encourages exclusion, discrimination and racism

In Netanyahu‘s government women are underrepresented.


Arnon Bar-David calls on the people of Israel to rally around President Herzog’s 5 point proposal

Time for conflict resolution, not confrontation


Foreign Minister Cohen: “I will not give my hand to any law that would harm the workers and their rights.”

In an extraordinary address to the Histadrut leadership, Foreign Minister conveyed his support for organized labor


Arnon Bar-David: Legislation against workers is nothing more than a cynical endeavor

“There is no chance that bills that harm the workers’ organizations will pass the Knesset,” Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David said a short time ago, at ...Read more


Arnon Bar-David: I will not allow any party to harm the workers

Following proposal to limit the right to strike


Histadrut Jurist Union warns of labor dispute due to planned government reforms

Jurist Union raise concerns over impact of judicial reform on workers


Government halts plan to divide the Directorate of General Labor

Win for workers in Directorate of General Labor


Bar-David- Smotrich meet in Jerusalem

Time to get to work


Government Employees Union declare labor dispute following destructive coalition agreement

Ofir Alcalay outlines how workers have been excluded from the impacts of the coalition agreements on their livelihoods


Histadrut Construction Workers Union: No room for personnel employment corporations for Palestinian workers in the building sector

In response to the Government of Israel’s call for proposals and positions, the Histadrut construction workers’ union announced that after a thorough review of the ...Read more


New extension order was signed following a collective agreement covering the monitoring & patrol services

Important news for security monitoring & patrol services employees: Minister Orna Barbivay signed an extension order covering security monitoring & patrol services today *** Histadrut ...Read more


Chairman of the Histadrut demands PM intervention to save the daycare industry from collapse

Time to save daycare education


Prime Minister Yair Lapid Meets with Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David

Cost of living at the center of Lapid and Bar-David meeting in Tel-Aviv