Lufthansa workers sign a new collective agreement

Nov 23, 2022

The Histadrut transport workers’ union, Lufthansa’s management, and the company’s workers’ committee signed a collective agreement for employees at the airline. The agreement will be valid for one year.

According to the agreement, the basic monthly salaries of all employees will be increased by 4% starting in January 2023. In the event that employees have reached their maximum salary level, they will receive a one-time payment equal to the amount due according to a 4% salary increase. In addition, the employees will receive a salary increase from a budget of 2% of the total base salaries, for personal performance. Starting from January 2023, the salary formula of the employees will be increased according to the salary table compiled between the parties. In addition, the employees will receive twice a year, on Passover and Rosh Hashanah, a holiday gift of NIS 400.

Lufthansa is Germany’s national airline and one of the largest in the aviation industry in Europe.

Chairman of the Transportation Workers’ Union Avi Edri: “This is an excellent agreement signed within a day with company representatives who came especially from abroad. These are the results when all parties come to the negotiation table with mutual fairness while understanding that the agreement must be closed within 24 hours.”

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