Arnon Bar-David to Netanyahu: Steer the ship

Feb 16, 2023

“Changes need to be made, and I support this, since we in the Histadrut know and make changes all the time. The same is true in the national sense, changes need to be made slowly, and in cooperation between the parties. We don’t need to do everything together at once because it seems excessive and wrong.” , this is what Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David said today (Thursday) at the Eilat labor conference.

“In my opinion, everything should be done through dialogue, not in the way it is done today with the crazy statements in the Knesset. We need to lower the tone. President Yitzhak Herzog put on the table a very respectable proposal that took both sides into account. I think that on this basis it is possible to carry out the legal reform and stop the the division in the nation. I call on the hawkish parties, before we cross all the borders, let’s talk on the basis of the President’s proposal, and try to find a solution. It is possible. Everyone should lower their ego a little for the sake of the future of the State of Israel.
“I’m turning to Yariv Levin, my friend, it’s time to see the problems of the other side, Yair Lapid, I’m turning to you as well – come to the talks without preconditions, because only together can we solve the problems that exist in the State of Israel, and younshould donit sooner rather than later. I’m also turning to you To Prime Minister Netanyahu, call on everyone to sit down and resolve this situation once and for all, the responsibility is yours to steer the ship”

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