Arnon Bar-David refutes allegations of conspiracy, reaffirms commitment to serve Israeli society

Mar 30, 2023

Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David a short time ago, commented on the false publications from the last few days, claiming that the strike in the economy was planned and coordinated with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office.

Bar-David said: “For over three decades, I have dedicated my life to public service, and what always guides me in my decisions is the good of the country. I have always been and forever will remain the number 1 soldier of the State of Israel. The decision to shut down the economy is one of the most difficult I have ever known – if only from recognizing the magnitude of the responsibility placed on my shoulders. This was the first strike in the history of the Israeli economy in which the heads of the economy and the leaders of the business sector sided with the Histadrut. The legend woven that the strike was planned or coordinated with the Prime Minister’s office is a baseless claim, a journalistic fiction that has nothing to do with the truth. The Histadrut will continue to stand as a wall for the sake of the Israeli society and will work through all the channels at its disposal against polarization and for the unification of the divisions in the nation.”

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