Increased Compensation Outline for Businesses Following the War Against Hamas

With joint forces and a dialogue that raised to the need of the hour, we reset the issue of the mass unpaid leave.


Labor Minister Signs Extension Orders to Increase Convalescence Allowance in the Private Sector and Compensate Workers Affected by 2022 Military Operation.

Approximately three million workers to benefit from hundreds of Shekels in increased convalescence allowance.


New Framework Agreement Ushers in Brighter Future for Israel’s Public Sector

Groundbreaking agreement addresses disparities in the public and private sectors, set to empower hundreds of thousands of workers.


Pensioners’ Plight Ignored: “Transparent Generation” Demands Action from Israeli Government

Histadrut pensioners unions take to the streets


Histadrut and Government agree to a groundbreaking framework agreement for public service workers

Working with the government for the benefit of government and public service workers


Histadrut to lawmakers: Free travel from the age of 67!

As pensioners struggle with cost of living crisis, free public transportation can alleviate costs.


Bezalel: Histadrut evolving to remain relevant for society, workers and retirees

There is almost no Israeli who does not have an opinion about the Histadrut. The largest labor organization in Israel, which was a partner in ...Read more


Chairman of the Histadrut demands PM intervention to save the daycare industry from collapse

Time to save daycare education


Wage, Allouncances, and Welfare Supplements: A new collective agreement for hundreds of workers of UPS franchisees in Israel

The agreement will apply to approximately 600 workers and be valid until mid-2025. Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David: “The agreement improves workers’ wages and accompanying employment ...Read more