Workers' Rights


Histadrut Chairman Visits Ashkelon Hospital -Treating 800 Under Missile Attack.

He sought to understand the challenges faced by its residents and the ongoing efforts in responding to the crisis.


Another Update on the Challenges Faced By the Workers of Israel

Within a week, it seems like no one person in Israel is not mourning the death of a relative, neighbor or friend.


A First Update on the Unprecedented Challenges faced by workers in Israel. 

Grief and uncertainty now loom large, affecting every corner of our nation. As we grapple with the logistical challenges and increased care demands, our Israeli ...Read more


The Histadrut to Represent 600 Footballers in an Urgent Hearing

Instead of setting a minimum wage that would be good for the players, a salary limit was set that places their salary at the minimum ...Read more


UCAPSE Opposes Installation of Cameras in Kindergartens

In a letter to the Knesset committee, Gil Bar-Tal, said that the cameras would harm the privacy of the professional staff and children.


The industrial democracy conference discusses avenues for employees’ representation in decision-making in Israeli companies.

The Histadrut and Bank Yahav are holding a conference on workers' representation and participation in the future world of work this weekend.


Director of the International Relations Division addresses the International Labour Conference in Geneva

Lerner: "General Strike is not an act of rebellion. It is a powerful symbol of workers' determination to fight for their rights when all avenues ...Read more


Ensuring fairness and rights: Palestinian workers’ paychecks go digital

Yitzhak Moyal, Chairman of the Construction and associated industries Union in a personal column about the welcome change that will apply to the construction, agriculture ...Read more


Workers’ Rights During an Emergency: Histadrut Issues Guidelines

Know your rights


Eid al-Fitr brings unity: Histadrut reaffirms support for Palestinian workers, seeks to expand vocational training initiatives

Reaffirming commitment to Muslim members, employment rights and collaborating with the PGFTU to expand vocational training opportunities across various sectors.


International support and cooperation result in successful training of Palestinian workers in Israeli hotels

The Histadrut-Hotel Workers Union, and Israel Hotel Association, under the auspices of the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers ...Read more


Opinion: For workers not to be slaves, we need organized labor

Opinion by Yitzhak Gordon, Chairman of the Jurists Union. Unionization, the right to strike, and trade unionism are moral and Jewish values, for fair emloyment ...Read more


Foreign Minister Cohen: “I will not give my hand to any law that would harm the workers and their rights.”

In an extraordinary address to the Histadrut leadership, Foreign Minister conveyed his support for organized labor


Video: Workers rights are human rights


Egged protest over poor and abusive working conditions

Drivers have long been warning that they have no place to refresh or rest at the end stations, let alone vacate the toilets. After the ...Read more


First-ever Workers Rights and Information Seminar for Palestinian Workers in the Hotel Sector in Israel

The Histadrut Hotels Union, the Histadrut’s International Relations Division, and the Israel Hotels Association held a seminar on workers’ rights and information for Palestinian workers ...Read more