QAS Collective Agreement: 450 Airport Workers to Recieve Double the Subsistence Expenses and Grants

May 17, 2022

Under the agreement, workers’ wages will increase by 5%, and they will receive a seniority grant at the end of the year. The agreement will apply to about 450 employees of the company, and it also includes an advance of the date of eligibility for increased allocations for the Study Fund. Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David: “Even now, when the skies are open again, we are doing our best to strengthen the aviation industry. This agreement gives employees a meaningful tailwind and an economic boost.”

The Histadrut Transportation Workers’ Union, the management of QAS, and the workers’ committee signed a new collective agreement today (Tuesday). The agreement will apply to about 450 employees who provide ground services at airports in Israel.

Under the agreement, which will be valid until October 2024, workers’ wages will increase by 5% from the coming June salary. The subsistence expenses that were customary until now will be doubled. This expansion adjoins a similar rate given in the agreement signed about six months ago.

In the December 2022 salary, a special seniority grant of NIS 2,000 will be paid to each worker who completes five or more consecutive years at the company by the end of that month.

In addition, starting from the December 2023 salary, and every December each year, a special annual seniority grant will be paid to employees (from NIS 2,000 for an employee with five years of seniority to NIS 5,000 for an employee who has completed 20 years of seniority). Furthermore, employees with more than twenty years of experience will receive an additional grant of NIS 5,000 every five years.

In addition, the agreement stipulates that QAS will reduce the date on which employees are entitled to increased allocation for the training fund. For example, the employer’s maximum contribution of 7.5% will now apply from the seventh year of work and not from the tenth.

The shift leader will be entitled to additional payment for a shift in which they will handle three parallel flights. In addition, employees who use the parking lot for work purposes will be entitled to full coverage from QAS.

Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David: “The Histadrut stood by the employees of the aviation industry throughout the challenging period we went through during these years. Even now, when the sky is open again, we are doing our best to strengthen and stabilize the aviation industry. I welcome this agreement that gives the workers a meaningful tailwind and an economic boost and thank the chairman of the Transportation Workers’ Union and his staff, who continue to do above and beyond for the benefit of the worker in the sector. “

Chairman of the Histadrut Transport Workers’ Union Avi Edri: “The aviation industry and its workers experienced a tremendous upheaval during the Corona crisis. The aviation industry is starting to recover, and we are here to strengthen its employees’ wages and employment conditions. The agreement we signed today with QAS significantly strengthens workers’ wages and conditions of employment. We will continue to accompany the aviation industry and its employees with great love. On this occasion, I call on discharged men and women soldiers and other young men and women looking for a future in the field of aviation to come and join the industry. Thank you to the chairman of the Histadrut, Arnon Bar-David, for the support and to everyone involved in signing this important agreement.”

Yossi Raviv, CEO of QAS: “In a challenging period of increasing the volume of activity at Ben Gurion Airport and the flights we handle, I am happy with the benefits package for workers who bear the burden of the ongoing effort and hope new employees join our company. The agreement signed is an essential part of our readiness for the summer.”

Orit Weintraub, VP of Human Resources at QAS: “This is a day to celebrate, and I am glad that we were able to convey the good news. The negotiations for the agreement were honorable, and the cooperation with the workers’ representatives and the Histadrut was appreciative. The evidence is the impressive achievement we reached together in such a short time. As a leading company in the field of ground services at Ben Gurion Airport, the agreement needed to express the appreciation for the hard work of all the workers – the veteran alongside the newcomer, service givers alongside the operations staff. I think we were able to reach every employee. “

Chairman of the QAS Workers’ Committee Ari Tennenbaum: “Thanks to the excellent workers, we have reached an excellent agreement. We will continue to work in fruitful cooperation that yields good news. “

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