Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David Criticizes Israeli Government’s Handling of Economy

May 30, 2023

Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David criticized the Israeli government’s handling of the economy on Tuesday, saying that the country is running without a plan and that the government ministries are not doing enough to move the economy forward.

In a speech at the 30th Eli Horvitz Conference on Economy and Society in Jerusalem, Bar-David said that the government is focused on the wrong things, such as the appointment of judges, and that this is harming the economy. He called on the government to get back to basics and focus on policies that will boost economic growth.

Bar-David also said that the world is losing faith in Israel as a start-up nation. He said that this is because of the government’s focus on the legal system and its failure to address the cost of living. He called on the government to change course and focus on policies that will make Israel more attractive to investors.

“The country is running without a work plan,” Bar-David said. “It is difficult for me to point to one government ministry that is driving things. I see a lack of action, a focus on what is not important. In my opinion, for the appointment of two judges of one kind or another – you do not harm the economy and break up an entire country. The government ministries must move the economy forward.”

Bar-David has been in office for four years. During his time in office, Israel has experienced four election campaigns, 3.5 years without a budget, the COVID-19 pandemic, and military operations.

“I’ve been in office for four years,” Bar-David said. “four years, during the craziest period that has ever existed in the State of Israel: with four election campaigns, 3.5 years without a budget, Corona, military operations – but I think we’ve never experienced, I have not experienced such a complicated period as in the last six months. Things happened that we didn’t think would happen.”

“When we went to the last elections, we did not think that we were going to the elections for a legal revolution. We, of course, went for peace, security, Iran, the cost of living, and personal security – and in the end, we got a country that is engaged in a legal revolution. This legal revolution permeates and harms Israeli society, and the Israeli economy and is poisoning everything we know about our Israel,” said Bar-David.

“The world thinks that with our own hands we are dismantling the start-up nation. We are assigned all over the world. This is unthinkable. Today, the world sees us in the worst light, in decades. We have a strong economy and a strong economy, but we are starting to lose that, And that bothers me as the leader of the workers.”

The chairman of the Histadrut added: “The cost of living is not taken care of. I, in my abilities, know how to bring good news to the members of the Histadrut. For example, I am setting up a first social supermarket venture. But what about the citizens of Israel who buckle under the burden? I am a great believer in the Israeli economy, the Israeli worker and the Israeli economy. We work very hard here. The Israeli worker gets up in the morning, goes to support the family. He doesn’t go out for a siesta at noon. And he wants to be proud of his country. This is what I expect from my country. Get busy with what’s important, and together we will lead Israel forward – the workers, the employers and the state.”

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